South England Prestige Awards Winners 2023/24

Wedding Photography Company of the Year - Somerset

wedding photography company of the year 2023/24

Well this is the kind of news we like to scream from the rooftops about and now we can official broadcast it! This July we got invited to Clevedon Hall in North Somerset for a huge awards event to celebrate the South England Prestige Awards and where we were honourably awarded 'Wedding Photography Company of the Year - Somerset'. I know right!

The big event

We got all dressed up to accpet our award and spend some time with the organisers discussing what this meant for our business and how amazing it made us feel to be recognised in such a hugely crowded market and industry. First port of call was a video interview descirbing the year we have had so far and our plans going forward in keeping the momentum of success going and what we might be planning to push to the next level. I can tell you now that being the other side of the camera was a very, very, very strange and eye-openign experience! Now we know what you feel like having the camera pointed at you. I dont think ive ever felt so tounge tied in all my life but still, i think between Phil and myself we managed to get some words out that descirbed how we were feeling and where this might take us next.

Photo shoot

Next up was a very enjoyable photo shoot and bit of fun with the selfie frame. We couldnt help but pose at the front of the tunning Clevedon Hall which we know very well from the many weddings we have captured here over the years.

photo shoot as sam and phil accept Wedding Photography Comapny of the Year award at the Prestige Awards 2023/24

What next?

So to summarise, winning an award is an incredible honour, but also an incredible tool for our business. It has made us realise that there is always more to do, a higher level to reach and still improvements to make. And we will not stop! We have plans to make what we provide even better and give even more to our couples so watch this space. Onwards and upwards as my mum always said!

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