Your wedding day is a celebration of love and commitment, and while we all hope for picture-perfect weather, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. Rain on your wedding day doesn't have to be a damper on your spirits. Whilst rain on your wedding day might not be what you initially envisioned, with a positive attitude and some careful planning, it can become a charming and unforgettable part of your love story. Whether you experience a light drizzle or unexpected downpour, White Villa Photography have just the tips and tricks on how to plan around rain on your wedding day.

Embrace the weather

Don’t let the rain dampen your day, embrace it as part of your wedding story. Although it might seem impractical, it can add a touch of romance and charm to the atmosphere, creating a cosy and intimate setting for your wedding guests.

Have a contingency plan

It is always wise to have a backup plan in case of unexpected weather, even if things don’t turn stormy. Work closely with your venue and wedding planner to discuss alternative arrangements for both the ceremony and the reception. Many venues offer indoor options or have tents available to shield guests from the rain.

Prepare space inside

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding or have scheduled activities that are due to take place on the venue grounds, make sure there is a comfortable space nearby where guests can seek refuge from the rain.

Depending on your location, you could adapt a charming barn, create a cosy reception hall, or erect a tent with secure flooring to prevent grassy ground from muddying your spirits.

Provide provisions

To keep everyone warm and dry, consider providing towels for them to dry themselves off when entering from the rain. You could also have a hot drinks station with a lounge area and indoor fire, to create a secluded and quiet area away from the noise of the dancefloor whilst your guests warm their fingers.

This thoughtful touch will show your loved ones that you've anticipated the possibility of rain and want to ensure their comfort.

Enlist local transport

If your reception and ceremony are being held at separate venues, then you may be worried about the journey from one to the other. Rather than running through the rain, you could consider hiring transport. For example, if you’re having a city wedding then renting a bus for the day could provide an unconventional but similarly endearing method of keeping your friends and family dry on the journey.

Consider rain on your wedding day as luck

Consider it luck

You may have heard that if it rains on your wedding day, you’ve received a blessing. Rain supposedly symbolises unity, a fresh start and the permanent joining of two people, as a wet knot is far more difficult to untie than a dry one.

Your relatives will be more than excited to remind you that there is luck in your future if you are bestowed with rain on your special day.

Bring the outside in

If you were planning on having an outdoor wedding then there’s no reason why you can’t emulate the same feeling indoors, even if the weather takes a turn. Adorn your tables and dining hall with plenty of foliage, potted plants and flowers to create the ambience of a secret garden. 

Ensure your attire is appropriate

Prepare for the rain by choosing attire that suits the weather.

Welly boots

Step up your wedding kit by having themed welly boots on standby. These can be particularly fun to play around with, and give your wedding photographer a new angle for your photos. You can make them extravagant by adding bows, or simply align them with your wedding theme. 

You’ll be free to kick those pesky puddles out of your way as you walk into newly married life.


You never know when a brolly will be needed, and if our home weather is anything to go by, having a stand of umbrellas at your wedding venue might come in handy. But, these don’t need to clash with the carefully planned appearance of the day. In fact, by choosing clear or themed umbrellas with the bride and groom’s initials displayed proudly, you can set the standard for a wedding brimming with brolly class.

Weatherproof your hair and make-up

In the days leading up to your wedding you may have spent hours agonising over the perfect hair and make-up, so make sure it is fully weatherproofed for all eventualities.

Rainy wedding day photography

Have fun with photography

When you combine the elegance of a wedding party with the entertainment of spitting rain, your wedding photographer can capture truly memorable moments that bring a grin to your face for the rest of your life.

Take your most important photos early

If the weather on your wedding day has started as you intended and is due to take a turn then you might wish to get any outdoor photos taken earlier in the day. This can relieve the pressure for the rest of the evening and allow you to enjoy the bubbly more freely.

Take your photos inside

If you’re not interested in spending time in the rain, then you might wish to have your photos taken indoors instead. Most wedding venues will have picturesque corners, grand staircases and quaint architecture that is ideal for capturing the romance of your wedding.

Make it fun

Your wedding should be a day that you enjoy, and messing around in the rain for your wedding photos can elevate the experience. You will no longer be worried about creating the perfect photo, but rather capturing the moments where you laughed, sputtered and embraced the change of plans.

Trust your photographer

When you hire a professional photographer for your wedding day, they will be fully prepared for any changes to the schedule, including the sudden onset of rain. Trust their instincts. They may wish to disappear into the background and capture candid and amusing shots or deliver mesmerising images of your bridal party in their wet weather gear.

Remember, rain can prevent your images from looking too ‘posed’, which makes for a more organic set of prints that you’ll treasure forever.

Looking for a dynamic wedding photographer?

Your wedding photographer plays an indispensable role in your big day. By hiring professionals, you can ensure that any changes to the weather are captured with grace and flexibility.

At White Villa Weddings, our wedding photographers and wedding videographers offer adaptable, seamless and honest wedding photography to capture the candid moments on your big day. We have had the pleasure of joining hundreds of couples as they embark upon married life across the UK, and it is this expertise that allows us to blend your special moments with its ever-changing weather.

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