How To Find The Perfect Florals For Your Wedding

Flowers can be either a big or small part of wedding decor and it is likely that you will have already considered what are the best floral arrangments that represents you and the theme of your wedding day.

Flowers have an enchanting ability to transform any wedding into a romantic paradise, adding a touch of elegance, color, and fragrance to your special day. We believe at White Villa Photography & Films that from the bridal bouquet to the venue decor, each floral arrangement plays a crucial role in setting the tone and enhancing the ambiance. But with so many options and decisions to make, navigating the world of wedding flowers can feel overwhelming. Fear not! In this guide, we'll explore everything you need to know to find the perfect florals for your big day.

So, we have compiled our best tips and commonly asked questions on how to choose the perfect florals for your wedding.

Should I use a florist or arrange my own flowers?

One of the first decisions you'll need to make is whether to enlist the expertise of a professional florist or take on the task of arranging the flowers yourself. While a florist can offer valuable guidance, creativity, and access to a wide range of blooms, arranging your own flowers can add a personal touch and potentially save costs. Consider your budget, time constraints, and floral design skills when making this decision.

Consider your budget

Do you have the budget to fit out your whole venue with floral arrangements? Depending on the size of your venue, this could really run into thousands of pounds as you may want to decorate front entrances, the aisle, an arch where the ceremony takes place, wedding breakfast tables and cake. That's before you consider boquets and button holes for the key wedding party members.

Cost varies depending on the types of flowers chosem the seasonality of the bloom and location of the wedding. A rough guide would be to budget between £1,000 and £2,000 for an average wedding. To get a more accurate idea of the cost of wedding flowers for your particular wedding, it's recommended to consult with multiple florists, discuss your vision and budget, and request detailed quotes based on your specific requirements. Additionally, considering alternatives such as using seasonal blooms, opting for greenery or foliage arrangements, or DIYing certain floral elements can help stretch your budget further while still achieving a beautiful floral aesthetic for your wedding.

Do you have time to Do It Yourself?

DIYing your wedding flowers can often be more budget-friendly compared to hiring a professional florist. By purchasing flowers wholesale and arranging them yourself, you can potentially save a significant amount of money.

Doing your own wedding flowers allows you to add a personal touch to your floral arrangements. You have full control over the types of flowers, colors, and styles, allowing you to create arrangements that perfectly reflect your vision and personality.

DIYing your wedding flowers gives you the freedom to get creative and experiment with different floral designs and arrangements. You can customize each bouquet and centerpiece to suit your preferences and the overall aesthetic of your wedding. Working on your wedding flowers together with your partner, family, or bridal party can be a bonding and enjoyable experience. It's a chance to spend quality time together while creating something beautiful for your special day.

However, DIYing wedding flowers can be incredibly time-consuming, especially in the days leading up to the wedding. From purchasing flowers to arranging them and ensuring they stay fresh, it can take a significant amount of time and effort. Planning a wedding is already stressful enough, and adding the task of DIYing flowers can increase the pressure. There's the risk of flowers wilting or not turning out as expected, which can add to the stress of an already hectic time. Arranging flowers is a skill that takes practice and expertise to master. While some people may have a natural talent for floral design, others may find it challenging to create professional-looking arrangements. Sourcing and transporting large quantities of flowers can be logistically challenging, especially if you're not familiar with the process. You'll also need to consider storage and refrigeration options to keep the flowers fresh until the wedding day. Depending on the season and location of your wedding, certain flowers may not be readily available or may be more expensive to source. This can limit your options and may require you to be flexible with your floral choices.

Do what feels comfortable

Ultimately, whether to do your own wedding flowers or hire a professional florist depends on your budget, time, skill level, and personal preferences. It's important to weigh the pros and cons carefully and decide what's best for you and your wedding vision.

How to create a bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet is a centerpiece of the wedding ensemble, reflecting the bride's personality and style. To create the perfect bouquet, start by choosing flowers that complement your wedding theme and color scheme. Consider the size, shape, and texture of the bouquet, and don't be afraid to mix different types of blooms for a unique and eye-catching arrangement.

Should my Bridesmaids have flowers?

While not mandatory, giving your bridesmaids flowers can add a cohesive and elegant touch to the bridal party ensemble. Whether it's a smaller version of the bride's bouquet or a complementary arrangement in a different color, bridesmaid bouquets can enhance the overall aesthetic of the wedding party.

How to choose flowers that fit my aesthetic

When selecting flowers for your wedding, consider the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Whether it's rustic and bohemian or modern and minimalist, choose blooms that align with your vision. Pay attention to color, texture, and shape, and don't hesitate to seek inspiration from bridal magazines, Pinterest boards, or florist portfolios.

Real or fake flowers?

The age-old debate between real and fake flowers continues to divide opinion among brides-to-be. While real flowers offer natural beauty and fragrance, fake flowers can be more cost-effective and durable, making them a practical choice for budget-conscious couples or destination weddings. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and budget considerations.

How to find sustainable flowers

For eco-conscious couples, choosing sustainable and ethically sourced flowers is essential. Look for florists who prioritize sustainability practices such as using locally grown blooms, avoiding harmful chemicals, and reducing waste. Consider alternatives to traditional floral arrangements, such as potted plants or dried flowers, which can be reused or repurposed after the wedding.

Will my venue have access to florists?

Before finalizing your floral plans, check whether your wedding venue has any restrictions or requirements regarding florists. Some venues may have preferred vendors or on-site florists who can assist with arrangements, while others may require outside vendors to adhere to specific guidelines or regulations.

Groomsmen and flowers

While groomsmen may not traditionally carry flowers like bridesmaids, incorporating floral elements into their attire can add a stylish and cohesive touch to the wedding party. Consider boutonnieres or floral pocket squares that complement the groom's boutonniere and tie in with the overall floral theme.

How to personalize flower arrangements

Make your floral arrangements truly unique by incorporating personal touches and meaningful details. Consider including flowers that hold sentimental value, such as your grandmother's favorite blooms or flowers that symbolize special moments in your relationship. Get creative with accessories like ribbons, lace, or family heirlooms to add a personal and sentimental touch to your floral decor.

Where to find affordable flower arches

Flower arches are a stunning focal point for wedding ceremonies, creating a romantic backdrop for exchanging vows. If you're looking to find an affordable flower arch, consider DIY options using budget-friendly blooms such as baby's breath, carnations, or greenery. Alternatively, explore rental options or inquire with your florist about cost-effective alternatives that fit your budget.

In conclusion, finding the perfect florals for your wedding is a delightful journey filled with creativity, inspiration, and personal expression. Whether you choose to enlist the help of a professional florist or take on the challenge yourself, remember that the beauty of wedding flowers lies in their ability to capture the essence of your love story and create lasting memories for years to come. With careful planning, attention to detail, and a touch of creativity, you can create floral arrangements that are as unique and beautiful as your love.

Happy wedding planning! 🌸💍

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