How To Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses

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As a future bride, it is likely that you will have spent months, even years, envisioning the perfect bridal gown that represents the best parts of you. However, finding the right bridesmaid dresses to compliment your style can be just as important.

Many brides state that the moments they share with their bridal party are some of the most memorable and special of their friendship. Making sure they feel their best within the aesthetic of your wedding is what shopping for your bridesmaid dresses should be and, at White Villa Photography and Films, we think these moments of connection sit at the very heart of what weddings are all about.

So, we have compiled our best tips on how to choose bridesmaid dresses that bring your bridal party together.

How to set a budget for your bridesmaid dresses

We’ll start with the budget. Your budget should be created before you settle on any one design.

Consider the number of bridesmaids

The number of bridesmaids you want at your wedding can put your budget into perspective. If you have a large bridal party, then you may have a smaller budget per dress, but if you have a more intimate group of friends, you might be able to invest in a slightly more expensive design.

Browse dresses and shops before making your decision

Take a look at styles you like in bridal shops to discover how much your favourite styles cost. This will give you a better idea of the overall price of your dresses before you set a budget.

Do what feels comfortable

There is no right or wrong amount of money to spend on your bridesmaid dresses, so go with your gut. Set a budget that works for you, whether you want to spoil your bridal party or opt for something more affordable.

The Style

The Neckline

It is a general rule of thumb that you should avoid bridesmaid dresses that have the same neckline as your wedding gown, but still complement its shape and style.

The Silhouette

After spending months choosing your dress, you don’t want your bridesmaid dresses to steal the show. Opt for silhouettes that are simple but stylish. The most common shape for a bridesmaid dress is A Line because it complements all body types, and the bodice can be altered to suit the tastes of each of your bridesmaids.

The Sleeves

When choosing the sleeve and bodice, take the season and figures of your bridesmaids into account. You could choose to have matching sleeve styles, or alternate to provide some choice for your bridesmaids.

The Fabric

The fabric you choose will highly depend on the season and theme of your wedding. Silk materials are more appropriate for black tie weddings, and velvet would be beautifully placed in a winter castle wedding.

Matching vs Coordinated

Matching styles can create a seamless aesthetic, but might not fit perfectly on your bridesmaids. Some women prefer to have more support in the bodice style whilst others love a flowy sleeve. Coordinated colours with varying shapes will ensure your bridesmaids are comfortable as they celebrate your love.

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How to find bridesmaid dresses for children

Shopping for children’s bridesmaid dresses can be a tougher task than for your adult friends. However, if there is a special child in your life who you wish to be a big part of your wedding day, giving them the opportunity to be involved in choosing their dress can make them feel extra special.

If you have a colour in mind, let them know and allow them to choose the style.

We recommend allowing them to choose their own accessories and shoes. They can add their own flair and bring a hint of childish fun to your big day.

Who should pay for bridesmaids dresses?

Typically, paying for bridesmaid dresses is the responsibility of the couple who are getting married.

When to order bridesmaid dresses

When it comes to ordering bridesmaid dresses, the earlier the better. Bridesmaid dresses will need to be altered to fit your bridesmaids, especially if you want a more bespoke design. Ordering them about six months before your wedding, or at the same time as your wedding dress can be a useful rule to make sure they arrive in plenty of time.

How to match bridesmaid dresses to your aesthetic

The colour

Consider the wedding colour palette and theming. You could choose colours that match the season of your wedding, compliment the colours in your bouquet or simply reflect the main colour of your wedding. If you can’t settle on a single colour, multi-colour bridesmaid gowns can offer a modern, bohemian feel.

The style

Your bridesmaid dresses should blend with your aesthetic, whether you plan to have a rustic, formal, vintage or floral affair.

Matching your gown

The more elaborate your wedding gown, the simpler your bridesmaid dresses should be. This reduces the visual clutter amongst your bridal party and makes sure you stand out.

The season

Select bridesmaid gowns based on the seasonality of your wedding:

Spring: Chiffon, matte materials and pastel colours are perfect for spring weddings and complimenting wedding gowns.

Summer: Summer weddings open up the opportunity for muted pink, yellow and blue tones. Shiny dresses often look more in place at a summer wedding, as do midi dresses and strappy necklines.

Autumn: An autumn wedding lends itself to more neutral colours and styles, as well as fuller coverage in the sleeves and neckline of bridesmaid dresses. Wrapped silhouettes and high neck dresses can add a classy, yet practical feel.

Winter: Winter weddings are usually hosted indoors which means you don’t have to compromise on style. Velvet, wine coloured and frosty blues are a popular choice for this season, but you could consider a light or fur jacket to keep your bridesmaids warm.

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Your photography style

Contacting your photographer early in your wedding planning process can give you an idea of the style of photography you are after. This can inform the colours you choose. Moody and romantic photography can lend itself to light yet neutral tones for your dresses. If you prefer natural, landscape photography then pastel and floral colours may be more appropriate.

It’s all in the details.

Thinking about a professional photographer or videographer for your wedding?

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