How To Capture Unique Wedding Photos

When you plan a wedding, you spend hours meticulously planning every detail to ensure it is a unique reflection of your relationship, and White Villa Photography & Films believe that this should filter through to the snippets of your day that are captured on camera. So, we’ve created a list of our top tips for capturing unique wedding photos that will keep you smiling for years to come.

Look for the details wedding photo

1. Look for the details

Wedding photos capture more than the guests, they are a still frame of the mood and aesthetic you have created. Professional wedding photographers will look to things like your shoes, the decor, food, your rings, or bouquets for inspiration.

Wedding media booths

2. Introduce photo booths

Introducing a photo booth to your wedding can make a particularly entertaining addition to the big day, leading to unique and laugh-out-loud moments. This can likewise remove some of the formality, and encourage your guests to have a little fun as the wedding breakfast transforms into the party.

You could line the photo booth with silly accessories and novelty outfits to add an extra touch of festivity.

Tell your story through photos

3. Tell your story through photos

Telling your story might not seem like a unique thing to do, but the beauty in the story of your relationship is that it is yours and yours alone. Your time together, your wedding day, and your loved ones come together to make your day remarkable, and that should be commemorated.

Bring the venue forward

4. Bring the venue forward

You have chosen your venue for a reason, so don’t miss out on making it a feature of your imagery. Find unique spots within the architecture and use them to your advantage. You could find a statement archway to kiss beneath, a flower garden that you can stand in, or a grand staircase that showcases the length of your veil.

Your photographer might scout the area first, but don’t be shy to let us know if there is a particular feature that stood out to you when you first fell in love with the location.

Candid moments

5. Catch candid moments

The most unexpected moments are the ones you’ll remember forever, and capturing a visual of when you burst into fits of laughter, or had to hike your dress up and run through puddles, can really bring your wedding to life. These are the photos that will set your wedding album apart.

Here at White Villa Weddings we pride ourselves on our natural candid style of photography, relishing in the real moments that represent you, your guests and your day.

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